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Learn how to tie your tie in 2 minutes. 24 tie knots to fit any day in your iPhone/Android. Wear your tie with pleasure!

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    The widest choice of tie knots and pocket square folds

    Men know that it's not easy to learn how to tie a tie. Lovely, if your dad taught you one or two necktie knots for every day. But do you know that there are a lot more ways of making a tie knot? And there are ascot ties, bow ties as well...With How to Tie a Tie you'll learn how to tie 24 necktie knots, ascot and bow-tie knots and how to fold a pocket square. Discover a great variety of knots and wear them all!

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    Tie your tie in 2 minutes

    You can spend half an hour trying to tie a tie knot on your own and get nothing. How to Tie a Tie has clear animated step-by-step instructions and text descriptions following which you will easily and quickly tie a tie on your own. You will learn how to tie 24 tie knots spending less than 5 minutes of your time even if you're tying a tie for the first time. Forget about pre-tied or clip-on ties forever! There is no place for them in your wardrobe.

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    As easy as to tie a tie

    How to Tie a Tie is an augmented reality application. It means that you can see your reflection on screen with the steps of the tying instruction. This feature allows you to shorten the time you usually spend for tying a tie to 1 minute. Put your iPhone or tablet on the flat place, match your reflection with the instruction on screen and easily follow the steps. This is amazing that you won't need anybody to help you out in tying your necktie.