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Tips for men what to wear for Thanksgiving and how to knot your ties and scarves in a fashionable way.

Being neat, clean-shaven and pleasant-smelling is obligatory for Thanksgiving. As for the rest, you’ve got a few options. Based on a type of Thanksgiving dinner, you can carefully choose your dress and style. Usually, there 3 main types of Thanksgiving dinners: family-related, with friends or formal. Here are some tips about how to dress and […]

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The ultimate guide to choosing a tie for a specific clothing style

The most important criterion when choosing a tie is your dress style, that is, the style you want your tie to match with.  There are 5 main clothing styles that are widely recognized: business wear or business casual, casual wear or informal attire, sporty style, social club clothing style and formal dress. Each style imposes certain […]

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A few tips on how to tie the Eldredge knot

The Eldredge knot, a new stylish necktie knot, was invented by Jeffrey Eldredge who challenged the traditional official style.  As tying a necktie with a four-in-hand was a bit outdated, he was looking for something new and original. An instructional video on tying the Ediety knot gave him an idea to use the narrow end of […]

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How to Tie a Tie was featured on Amazon Appstore as Apps for Grads

It’s time to say good-bye to school, for some students only for a year, but for some others forever. Summer brings vacations, proms and … job interviews, exams, and much more of the hard stuff. No one can help you with all of that, except, perhaps, one thing. If you don’t know how to tie […]

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A skinny tie is back in style

A few secrets how to wear a skinny tie casually. In the 60s of the 20th century a very narrow tie, a so-called skinny tie, was very fashionable. At the time a skinny tie was an expression of the mainstream minimalism, the motto of which was “Less is more”. Skinny ties of bright colors were a symbol […]

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Tips on how to match a bow-tie with a shirt and a suit

A few tips for the lovers of boldly colored bow-ties – how to wear, how to match colors and how to avoid mistakes.  The traditional and most common bow-tie is black. If you are going on a visit for a special event, and you prefer a black bow tie to match your suit, you probably […]

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5 Secrets of wearing a bow tie

Usually a bow tie is worn on special occasions when one needs to look his best, and he really doesn’t want to make a mistake, to do it right. Now we will share with you a few simple secrets about how to wear a bow tie in a stylish way: 1. Bow tie is a very […]

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How to wear a bow tie properly

Initially, people tied a neckerchief in a bow around the neck.  This method of tying a neckerchief was called a butterfly, because of its shape resembling a butterfly with unfolded wings. The bow tie became popular after Puccini’s opera “Cio-cio-san,” or “Madame Butterfly” in 1904. It was then when at the opening night all orchestra musicians were […]

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