5 Secrets of wearing a bow tie

Usually a bow tie is worn on special occasions when one needs to look his best, and he really doesn’t want to make a mistake, to do it right. Now we will share with you a few simple secrets about how to wear a bow tie in a stylish way:

1. Bow tie is a very conspicuous accessory and so you need to keep in mind that it should not distract attention from your face. In this case a vest can help as it reduces the open front of the shirt.

2. The fabric of your bow tie should match the season: in winter it can be ties made of dense fabrics, and in summer of thinner fabrics, because it’s not quite appropriate to wear a woolen tie in summer.

how to wear a bow tie with a suit

An example of well-chosen bow-tie that matches the entire outfit in color and texture and compliments the casual look of the whole image

3. The texture of the bow tie should be in harmony with the texture of the suit fabric. It is strongly evident if the textures of cloth are different, and your appearance is losing its elegance. With suits made from fabrics with a uniform texture it’s better to wear ties made from fabric with a simple-fiber structure.  Suits made from textured fabrics look good with ties of complex texture similar to the fabric of the jacket.

4. The color palette of the bow tie should be in harmony with the color of the jacket, shirt, the color of your hair, eyes and skin. Perfect, if bow tie colors repeats the colors of your clothes. The main rule you should follow to avoid any mistakes: the tie should be darker than the shirt and the shirt should be lighter in color than the jacket.

5. When you choose a bow tie in the store, always try it on. Remember that a large bow tie is well-suited for collars with long pointed ends, and bow ties of average length look good with soft turndown collars.

How to match bow tie and shirt collar

Pitt and Clooney wearing bow-ties with two different types of shirt collars

Be sure to exercise several times to tie a bow tie, otherwise you will not be able to make a beautiful knot quickly just before going out.  ‘How to Tie a Tie’ mobile app for your Android or iOS device will help you easily accomplish this task in minutes.




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