A skinny tie is back in style

A few secrets how to wear a skinny tie casually.

how to wear a skinny tie casuallyIn the 60s of the 20th century a very narrow tie, a so-called skinny tie, was very fashionable. At the time a skinny tie was an expression of the mainstream minimalism, the motto of which was “Less is more”. Skinny ties of bright colors were a symbol of freedom, posed a challenge to the society. Now, a skinny tie has become a fashionable accessory again. It attracts the attention of those who don’t just keep up with the fashions, but set an example of style themselves.

So, for who will this trendy tie be a good fit? What type of clothes will be the right match for a skinny tie? These questions are asked by every man who’s not indifferent to his look. Recently, skinny ties could be worn only with jackets with narrow lapels. Now, skinny ties can be worn with almost any clothes. However, this does not mean that you can wear it with a T-shirt and shorts, thinking to make your look more presentable this way. Of course, you can’t wear like this as you will only look ridiculous and make a bad impression on others. To wear a skinny tie with jeans and sneakers isn’t the best option, as well.  If you’re wearing a shirt and pants, feel free to try on a skinny tie, because it will soften up your look and make your silhouette visually slimmer.

A skinny tie is a good choice if you go to a party or a friendly meeting. It looks amazing on men with skinny body type.  However, for bigger men it is better not to wear such a tie, but choose the classic version instead. Also, skinny ties don’t tend to work well with massive accessories, such as large watches or wide chains.

casual look with a skinny tie


Summarizing all of the above written, let’s set some basic rules of wearing a skinny tie:
1. A skinny tie is suitable for slender young men who want to look stylish in a friendly meeting.
2.A skinny tie is easier and faster in tying than a wider tie. One of the best knots for a skinny tie is well-known ‘Four-in-hand’, you can see the instructions in How to Tie a Tie app for iOS/Android.
3. A skinny tie can be worn with almost any type of clothes, not only with formal dress.


When you’d better refuse to wear a skinny tie:

-         If you are big and tall or short and heavily-built;
-         If you have a massive watch or a wide chain;
-         If you’re middle aged;
-         If you are going to an important business meeting.

Finally, if you put on a narrow or wide tie, do not forget that your tie, regardless of its form and fabric, should match the color of your shirt and suit (if any) or trousers, and only then you’ll look really stylish and elegant.

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