How to wear a bow tie properly

how to tie a bow tieInitially, people tied a neckerchief in a bow around the neck.  This method of tying a neckerchief was called a butterfly, because of its shape resembling a butterfly with unfolded wings. The bow tie became popular after Puccini’s opera “Cio-cio-san,” or “Madame Butterfly” in 1904. It was then when at the opening night all orchestra musicians were wearing bow ties. It took just a few months for a new fashion for bow-ties to spread throughout Europe.

Rules on wearing a bow tie with a tuxedo or tailcoat became one of the pillars of the upperclass society. If it was stated in the invitation «Black Tie Required», it was expected that a guest should arrive wearing a tuxedo, white shirt and black bow tie, and if the invitation indicated «White Tie», guests had to wear an evening tailcoat with a vest, white shirt and white bow tie.The bow-tie must be exactly white, otherwise you could be mistakenly taken for a waiter at the event. Such rules still exist for official evening events and special events, such as the Nobel Prize awards ceremony.

Typically, bow ties are made from the same materials as regular ties. The most beautiful bow-ties were made of silk, as for now bows made of wool and blended fabrics are also popular, some bows are made of synthetic materials such as polyester. However, the ties of natural fabrics are still preferable, and they look better. To make a bow tie is not as easy as it seems. Only a true master can make a good quality tie and only manually.

yellow bow-tiesRecently, colored bow-ties have been put up for sale, and not only solid-color bow-ties but with a pattern. As well as bow-ties of bright flashy colors.Usually such bow-ties are worn by representatives of creative professions. Now a colorful bow can be put on for any festive event. However, remember that if you put on a colored bow-tie to the office, the shirt should be of one color, and the bow-tie and vest – of another. Do not be afraid to be bold and original, especially if it underlines your individuality, but try not to look ridiculous, and ridiculous you may look if you wear a bow-tie with a wrinkled T-shirt, or when a bow-tie does not match the color of your shirt or other parts of your wardrobe.

In general, each modern man should have a bow tie in his wardrobe. Such a tie emphasizes a delicate taste and a high status of a person, and emphasizes the importance of the event, where a bow-tie is put on. If you have only one bow-tie in the wardrobe, then let it be a black one. A black bow is more common, and it’s suitable for any festive or formal event. Just remember that it’s critical to to tie a bow tie manually. Do not use ready-made bow-ties, which are factory-stitched and attached to the elastic band that fastens around the neck. These ready-made bow ties are suitable only for the boys at school events. A man must have his own style of tying a bow.  It is a style, or pattern of tying, that can determine who owns the tie, it is exactly the style of tying a bow-tie that says about your personality.

If you do not know how to tie a bow tie, you will need to exercise first. After, you’ll be able to do it professionally, you’ll develop your own style. ”How to Tie a Tie” app for your smartphone offers two options for tying a bow tie: simple and classic. In addition, the application has a mirror function, which will help you to easily follow instructional steps while seeing your reflection on the screen of your smartphone.

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