Learn about 4 unique styles to tie a shemagh scarf around the neck

Do you know how to tie a shemagh scarf for fashion wear? The traditional arab scarf is known as a shemagh scarf, or keffiyeh (kufiya), or ghutra, or the Arafat scarf as it was often worn by the Palestinian politician Yasser Arafat.

The shemagh scarf used to help people to hide from the sun, protect eyes and mouth from winds and sand. Originally it was made of wool or cotton. Usually, the traditional coloring of the shemagh scarf is black and white or red and white. The black and white keffiyeh is widely spread in Palestine, and red and white keffiyeh in Somalia and Jordan where they are often decorated with a fringe. The longer the fringe is, the more expensive the scarf is and the higher the person’s status is. Now shemagh scarves are produced in various colors, and people wrap their necks with them for fashion. The shemagh scarf is one of the scarves that is associated with manliness, strength and militancy. So this accessory has gained its popularity among men on both sides of the globe.

There are many ways of tying the shemagh scarf on the neck for fashion wear. One is known to anyone: it’s when you fold a shemagh into a triangle and wrap it around your neck, with the point of the triangle in the center of your chest. Look at the video instruction on tying the shemagh scarf in this traditional way.

So, let’s start with 2 more unique ways to tie your shemagh for everyday.

The first style of tying a shemagh scarf is known as «Western» style.


Fold the shemagh scarf in half along the diagonal so that it’s shaped like a triangle.


Tie a knot on one end of the shemagh. If you tie a knot closer to the end, the scarf ends will be short and the shemagh will drape loosely. If you make a knot closer to the middle, the shemagh ends will be long and the scarf will be tied around your neck more tightly.


Place the scarf around your neck and pass the loose end through the knot on the other end.


Adjust the shemagh ends to hang loose.

The second way is a bit fanciful pleated «Cowboy» style.


Place the shemagh on the surface and find the middle point of the scarf.


Pull the middle point up so that the scarf ends hang down loose.


Tie a small knot at the top.


Pull the ends of the shemagh upwards so that the knot is faced down.


Pull the ends down to make it a square again.


Now the scarf has pleats in the middle. Smooth it out, fold it into a triangle and tie it behind your neck with a pleated wide corner arranged on your chest.


Adjust the pleats gently. Wear it with T-shirts or turtlenecks or tuck it into the jacket or

What clothing style is best suited for wearing a shemagh? In general, it is defined by its origin. The shemagh scarf is a good fit for jeans, military and safari style and biker wear.


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