Tips for men what to wear for Thanksgiving and how to knot your ties and scarves in a fashionable way.

Being neat, clean-shaven and pleasant-smelling is obligatory for Thanksgiving. As for the rest, you’ve got a few options.

Based on a type of Thanksgiving dinner, you can carefully choose your dress and style. Usually, there 3 main types of Thanksgiving dinners: family-related, with friends or formal. Here are some tips about how to dress and how ‘How to Tie a Tie’ and ‘Fashion Designer’ apps can help you to create a little bit of ‘pop’ to your outfit.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with family.

No ties, no suits. Just a fresh shirt or a sweater paired with dark blue jeans, and that’s all. A nice pair of loafers or sneakers will do if you attend more casual settings, otherwise, dark leather shoes will look more impressive.

Celebrating with friends.

Whenever it’s related to friends, make sure you are all dressed up in your Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes. Meeting your friends is always a pleasure, so show it with your dress! You can prefer to wear a dress shirt with dark or light-colored slacks and either stylish loafers or oxford shoes. Accessorize your outfit with a fitting belt and a watch. To give a personal touch, knot an ascot tie or thin cashmere scarf around your neck.

Dressing up for formal events.

For men’s formal wear, think suits. Wear a traditional colored suit such as gray, black, or tan. Pair it with a button down shirt, tie, and sports jacket. Tie your tie in a festive manner – prefer some modern and great-looking knots such as the Eldredge knot, the Trinity knot or Diagonal.

Take advantage of ‘How to Tie a Tie’ (iOS, Android) and ‘Scarf Fashion Designer’ (iOS, Android) apps to create a complete attractive look! Enjoy a great variety of tie knots and scarf styles to add style to any outfit you own. Pay attention that for this Thanksgiving the apps are sold at a discount!

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