Tips on how to wear the Windsor knot

Today we will speak of Windsor, a very popular tie knot among businessmen and politicians. It’s one of the most popular tie knot of tough leaders like Chavez, Putin, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao.

Though it’s quite formal and official, it says nothing of your personality, or that you want to hide your personality under the formal and official look. So, if you’re tying your tie the Windsor knot, it means that you’d like to look tough, serious, official and energetic. Is it real you? A question an answer to which is hidden under the camouflage of your business suit.

This may be the reason why the Windsor knot is the only tie knot that is to be used by all personnel in the Royal Air Force in the UK when wearing their black tie while in uniform. The Windsor knot is the tie knot used by the Canadian Forces, regardless of service. (Wikipedia)

So what are the peculiarities of tying a Windsor?

First of all, it’s self-releasing. It means that you don’t have to untie the tie and you just need to pull the tie to release it.

Then, it’s perfect for any occasions, and ideal for business meetings and formal events.To tie a Windsor, you have to do many manipulations, it’ not an easy-made tie knot, so it’s better to use light-weight and thin ties, otherwise the tie knot will be looking too heavy and a bit clumsy.

You can wear the Windsor knot with any collar shit, but best of all it suits spread collars or cutaways.

With monochrome ties it looks rather unpretencious and boring, but it will be more attractive for ties made of bright and colorful fabric.

Compare, for example, these two:









Next time we’ll speak of what type of people should wear Windsor and who really shouldn’t.

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