Two Ways to Tie the Shemagh Scarf for Casual Wear

Today’s topic is the shemagh scarf (Arafat). According to Wikipedia, the Arab scarf, or the shemagh, or keffiyah, is a traditional Arab headdress fashioned from a square, usually cotton, scarf. It is typically worn by Arab men, as well as some Kurds. Its other name, the Arafat scarf, it’s got from the Palestinian politician Yasser Arafat, who was wearing it every time he was in public.

Originally, the keffiyeh was made of a mix of cotton and wool, which lets them dry quickly and keep the wearer’s head warm. Usually they are folded in half, into a triangle, and the fold is worn across the forehead. Some people wear it loosely draped around the back and shoulders.

Now the Shemagh scarf has become increasingly popular among men inspite of their national or ethnic origin. Shemagh scarves are a stylish accessory for casual wear, usually worn as a scarf around the neck in hipster circles. This is a traditional way of tying the Arafat scarf. But you can also wear it by tying  the ends of the scarf and hiding them under the longer edge on your chest.

Watch this video with the shemagh tying instruction. Hope you’ll find it useful!

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