How to tie a St Andrews knot

St Andrews knot

St Andrews knot

Since this tie knot is tied crosswise, it is believed that it was named in honor of Saint Andrew, who was crucified on an X-shaped cross. This tie knot is narrow and large, and it looks very nice thanks to some folds and dimples made at tying.  It is a perfect fit for plain wool ties or ties with small patterns. St. Andrew is well suited for any kind of event, you can tie it for the office, and when you go out for the holiday evening. Due to the fact that the lower end of the tie protrudes slightly forward, the tie drapes well on a shirt.

Being slightly asymmetrical and inverted, St. Andrew will look good with a wide collar shirt. It’s better to take a thin tie so that the knot won’t be too wide and massy.

How to tie st andrews tie knot

Step 1. To tie a tie with St Andrews knot, drape it around the neck with the reverse side facing outward. 

How to tie st andrews knot

Step 2. Pass the wide end under the narrow end to the right.

How to tie st andrew tie knot

Step 3. Wrap the wide end around the narrow.

How to tie st andrew knot

Step 4. Again, pull the wide end to the right under the narrow end.

How to tie a st andrews tie knot

Step 5. Lift the wide end up. Pass through the middle and drag to the left.

How to tie the st andrews knot

Step 6. Bring the wide end over the narrow end to the right.

How to tie the st andrew knot

Step 7. Pull the wide end up through the gap between the tie and the neck from the inside.

st andrews tie knot

Step 8. Hold the knot with your index finger and pass the wide end down through the loop in front.

st andrew knot

Step 9. Pull the knot gently to the collar and make a dimple with your index finger, and the knot is ready.

St Andrews knot is a slightly asymmetric tie knot. If you’d like to pick a big but narrow tie knot for your shirt collar, St Andrews knot will be the best fit. If you like St Andrews knot, you may also like some other narrow tie knots such as Christensen (you can find it on our mobile application How to Tie a Tie) or Kelvin.