How to tie the Persian tie knot

Persian tie knot

Persian tie knot

This voluminous tie knot is a mirror image of the Windsor knot. You can make it wider, using wide ties, or make it less bulky, using narrow or average ties. The size of the knot is also effected by the position of the narrow and wide end while tying the Persian knot.

What type of collar is the best fit for the Persian tie knot? Persian is designed for a collar with widely spaced collar angles, and the size of the knot is chosen depending on the collar width.  If you knot your tie with the Persian knot and wear a shirt with an average collar, then the collar ends can be slightly elevated due to the knot largeness.

Persian knot is best suited for stretched ties or ties made of very thin soft fabrics, then the knot won’t look too large and will look good. Large knots are good for big men, especially when worn for significant events. Also, this knot goes well with a thick woolen jacket. People with a short neck should refrain from wearing the Persian knot, as it visually shortens the neck.

how to tie persian tie knot

Step 1. To tie the Persian tie knot, place a tie around your neck face up. Place the wide end of the tie on the left and let it hang down below the narrow end.

 how to tie a persian tie knot

Step 2. Cross the wide end over the top of the narrow end.

 how to tie the persian tie knot

Step 3. Lift the wide end up from the inside of the loop.

how to tie persian tieknot

Step 4. Bring the wide end down to the right.

how to tie persian knot

Step 5. Pull the wide end underneath the narrow end to the left.

how to tie persian necktie knot

Step 6. Lift the wide end up, skip over the top and pull down to the right.

 tying persian tie knot

Step 7. Bring the wide end over the narrow end in front.

 persian tie knot

Step 8. Again, pull the wide and end up through the inside.

persian necktie knot

Step 9. Pull it down through the loop.

persian tie

Step 10. Adjust the knot, push it gently toward the collar and make a dimple with your index finger. The knot is ready.

 As it was previously said, Persian knot is the mirror image of the Windsor tie knot, it’s almost of the same shape and volume. If you prefer smaller knots, you can try to tie the Kelvin tie knot - narrow and elegant in shape, or Oriental tie knot – the smallest tie knot ever.