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From the history of a tie

«A well-chosen tie, like exquisite perfume, varnishes the entire suit, it plays the same role for the suit, as truffles for lunch.. Looking at the tie, we can judge on the person who is wearing it; to know a person, it is sufficient to have a look at that his part which is between his […]

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How to choose a tie?

Since a man’s tie is now not only a popular but also a very important accessory in men’s fashion as long as it helps to create a complete look and emphasize the individuality of its owner, then one must be careful when choosing his tie.  There is a huge variety of ties on sale now, […]

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Does Windsor suit your face shape?

So now you know a little bit more about Windsor and it is still your favorite knot. Now it’s time to consider one more aspect of wearing a tie – the face. Many people know that to make a perfect tie knot they should match up their tie with a shirt and a suit. But many don’t know that […]

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Tips on how to wear the Windsor knot

Today we will speak of Windsor, a very popular tie knot among businessmen and politicians. It’s one of the most popular tie knot of tough leaders like Chavez, Putin, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao. Though it’s quite formal and official, it says nothing of your personality, or that you want to hide your personality under […]

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